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Filicity fasion design studio

Hello, very nice work that are interested in our design studio.
Undoubtedly, you are not a random visitor of our canine fashion site. It is safe to assume that close to you to be a popular household pet. This may be a miniature Yorkshire terrier, Maltese, or another dog. And watching the fashionable clothes of its mistress, your little dog dreams of their own.
Having got my first pet, I was faced with a problem that really high quality clothes can not offer even the manufacturers of well-known companies. Was my specialty designer light clothing, and which has created the first model for my dogs. Knowing that we can offer for your pets the best and gave rise to a design studio "Filicity Fashion", which name comes from my name Filicita Yorkshire.
Our studio offers an exclusive collection of clothing, accessories and supplies for dogs of small breeds. Your favorite would feel comfortable in clothes from "Filicity Fashion", easy to move and delight you. Collection of products is constantly updated. We have a large selection of colors of fabrics and furs. All our clothes are decorated with Swarovski elements. Also, we will respect your wishes and the most daring imagination in developing a model for your pet. Some models of the collection you can see on our site. 
  Sincerely Elena Orobeikene.